Blake and Lindsay {Lethbridge Wedding Photographer}
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Thursday, July 05, 2012
By Jen
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I am so excited to share Blake and Lindsay's story.  I have photographed many different cultures and religions.  I embrace every culture, religion or tradition.  They are so much a part of families and the wedding experience.  (Blake and Lindsay, from Sherwood Park, Alberta was wedding #138 for me!).

Blake and Lindsay are LDS (Mormon).  Usually, for the LDS weddings that I photograph, the wedding coverage begins as they exit the temple or the church because cameras aren't allowed in the temples, nor the chapels where they can get married.  LDS weddings are more difficult to visually tell the complete story because we usually cannot capture all the story elements photographically, and thereby a full day of photography coverage is usually not what LDS brides and grooms choose, nor the kind of wedding days that are represented on popular wedding sites and blogs that feature real weddings.  With Blake and Lindsay, I was able to photographically touch on the entire wedding-day process...Lindsay getting ready in the nurturing presence of friends and her family, capturing her mom helping her into her dress, her dad's first look at his baby girl who is getting married, Lindsay arriving at the temple with her two devoted parents who were not able to witness the sealing in the temple, the first time Blake saw lindsay that day on the temple grounds in an extremely special, tender, quiet moment that her parents were able to witness, photographing Blake and Lindsay entering the temple together, the excitement as they came out of the temple and all the well-wishers from both sides of the family.  We had a great time with the formal photos and there was a beautiful ring ceremony to complete the wedding experience for the part of the family who were not able to attend the temple ceremony.  Because of all these circumstances I am extremely excited to share some images from Blake and Lindsay's LDS wedding story that was my ultimate privilege to record for them. I'm going to have a great time designing their album and pulling all these images together in what will be a dynamic heirloom story.

I will forever remember their perfect wedding day.  They had a gorgeous vintage theme throughout their day, and their wedding decorations (seriously cute!).  The feeling of two families, of different religious backgrounds, merging brought tears to my eyes a few times that day.  The understanding, nurturing nature of both of the families to make it a wonderful wedding-day experience for all involved was heroic.  Her dad still got to walk his beautiful angel down the aisle and they were able to remain true to the tenants of their religion with the sealing ceremony.  Here are a few images from their day that I'm so proud to share.

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Aunty Darlene - Great pictures. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures
Dianne - mom - These are do beautiful . Thank you ... I can't wait for the album. Thank you for bringing the spirit of this special day together for all of us....I cry every time I view them... Amazing ...
Allison - The ferris wheel photo is my absolute favorite wedding photo of all time.
jennifer - Looooved the telephone booth photo!