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Tuesday, May 27, 2014
By Jen
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There is a dance school here in Lethbridge that opened up a few years ago.  Brittany is the fearless leader and owner of Urban Beat Dance Studio (website).  I've been photographing for them since their beginning and they have grown so fast!  Brittany is educated with a Master's Degree in Kinesiology and she knows her stuff.  The second thing that makes this studio stand out is that it is such a positive space with positive people.  It is the most fabulous environment for a child to learn dance.  They have done well in the competition scene as well.  They have grown so fast, that in a few short years, they have needed to expand their space.

I love going in there.  I love that I will always be greeted by Brittany's smile.  If anything ever goes wrong for this girl, I'd never know it.  I love being a part of her team.

If you are looking for dance education for your child or for you - I would HIGHLY recommend this dance studio.  I've taken dance pictures for many years, and this environment really is a unique and wonderful place.

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