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Wednesday, June 01, 2016
By Imajen Photography
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I have a minute and I thought I would take a peek at and update my website.  The last time I posted a blog was 2014!  This might be the loneliest blog on the planet.

I thought I would just update the world as to my goings-on.  In 2013, I decided to pursue a Bachelor's degree.  I had a bit of a personal shake-up during 2013 and into 2014, so why not add full-time school on top of that.  Easy peasy, right?  Nope.

I had to "upgrade" (i.e., the Canadian way of saying to complete the prerequisite courses required) to get into the very competitive program that I was aiming for, then I got into the program I wanted, and I have now completed two years of that program.  There have been very few constants through this process for me, and one has been my photography.  You see, I am a very abstract thinker, which is great when I am doing creative things, like photography.  The degree I am currently 18 months away from finishing is a bachelor of Nursing degree - ie., the sciences, and it is one the most demanding degrees you can get.  Photographing weddings and family has been cathartic to drag my brain away from med calculations, dressing changes, physical assessments, memorizing pathophysiologies, writing papers and untangling my brain from its participation in the famous difficult nursing exam questions meant to intimidate the most serious of students.

I have laid low the last few years, but I have been found by the most extraordinary wedding couples and families that were already clients and friends or became new clients and friends.  I have also added more families to my repertoire the last few years, which I will add to this site soon.

I have learned much about myself the last three years and one thing that I love is working with and helping people.  Their joy brings me joy.  I also want to be someone people can lean on in times of sorrow and hopefully I will be of help because I have walked through sorrow too.  Because of hardship and sorrow, I have a kind of empathy and wisdom I would not have otherwise.  

What does this mean for the future of my photography business?  I will continue to photograph on a limited basis for the next 18 months, then expand again once I am finished with my degree.  In the future, I will employ myself in both careers, drawing on the strengths of both skillsets.  (Who knows...it might be handy having a registered nurse at your wedding.)

I have loved getting an education.  My blog posts might sound a bit different after this.  I've developed critical thinking, knowledge, and a whole bunch of opinions, which tend to come out.  That is what an education is for, right?

Life feels so fantastic to me. Joy, strength, love and peace bubbles up from within.  I love unleashing that upon the world.

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