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More Recognition!
Thursday, February 21, 2013
By Jen
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I received some exciting news today!  I am a member of a few professional photography organizations.  One of the organizations I am a member of is the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada.  They have quarterly image contests and I was able to place within the top ten images in three categories!  

One was Bridal Portrait.  (Link here)

two was wedding group:  (link here)

and... three was bride and groom portrait:  (link here)

I love competing my imagery.  I feel it is vitally important to be connected to your industry in whatever industry you are in.  I need to know how I measure up, and above-all, I love to see the inspiration of the other images and the creativity those photographers have brought to the world.  Each photography organization I belong to focuses on different styles of photography.  Each has a qualified judging panel in their disciplines.  One embraces the classic or traditional, another leans more on storytelling and newer storytelling styles, and yet another one leans on ultimate creativity, design and technique of an image.  I feel I am a more well-rounded photographer by competing in these three arenas.  I'm excited to be represented in this quarter's image competition.  Thank you PWPC!

Thanks for letting me share!