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National Image Competition Recognition
Wednesday, April 10, 2013
By Jen
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I just received some fantastic news!  I entered my annual National Image Competition for the Professional Photographers of Canada and I had three images that were recognized.  One of the reasons I'm so excited is that these merit points that I earn alongside this recognition will allow me to receive my MPA (Masters of Photographic Arts) designation next Spring.  These designations are only awarded once a year.  I just received my CPA and I will be training to become a print judge.  I earned my CPA very quickly and I will be receiving my MPA one year after that.   These designations are difficult to earn.  In my association they have great meaning to the skill level and dedication the photographer has.  

Here are my winning images!

Best Wedding Album Award - PPOC-AB
Saturday, March 16, 2013
By Jen
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I cannot believe I have not blogged this yet!  In January I brought home the PPOC-AB award for Best Wedding Album.  I was very excited for this opportunity to represent my business, and the PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada-Alberta) in this capacity.  

I love image competition as it is a way to measure where I've been and where I'm heading with relation to my industry.  Professional photographers need to be connected to the industry and if they compete it needs to be up against other professionals and the competition needs to be judged by professional image judges.  It is difficult to get images through image competition - it is not an easy thing at all.  

Image competition season is not over yet, or I would show my images that I competed.  I have one more competition to go for 2013 in the PPOC.  I hope to have good news on that front.  When that is over, I will share my images that I am competing!

In the mean-time, please enjoy this less-than-stellar image of my award sitting on the table at the awards banquet...cell-phone cameras do have limits, but you get the point.  :-)

Hayley & Jeff {Lethbridge Wedding Photographer}
Wednesday, May 16, 2012
By Jen
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I have been enthralled with my job since I began 9 years ago.  This couples' story sank into my heart.  This is the story of love and joy that found eachother at long last after a tireless search.  When giving up seemed like the easy thing to do, they didn't.  They knew someone was out there for them, and so they waited.  They are two of the most lovable personalities you'll ever meet.  They are happy and they will always be happy because the Universe finally brought them together with the person to whome they were meant to be with.  

I cried at their wedding when, after seeing his bride walk down the aisle toward him, with both of her parents on her arm, Jeff pulled her into him and spent a few minutes telling her how beautiful she was while the world and time waited.  The room was silent with reverence for the moment we were witnessing (even the babies were quiet!).  I've never seen that before after all the weddings I have covered.  I just love them.  


Spring is Coming
Sunday, April 29, 2012
By Jen
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I have been so fortunate to have been able to spend, almost a full 12 months now, watching the seasons change up close, through my lens.  We have been chasing to the mountains at crazy hours of the day catching fabulous scenics for our Waterton 18 month calendar.  I know what early winter looks like and how it changes into the coldest part of winter, and how the winter abates.  How the animals are out and about in the summer and fall and they gradually seem to go into hiding as if they are scared of the ice and snow.  How, in the spring, they start coming around again.  We have also learned to watch for wildlife on the roads because we know that we are now in their house.  We have stopped at the side of the road in reverence for the hundreds of Elk waking up to the first light of the day, listening to their calls to their newly born young.  We know the difference between the spring chill, versus the winter's chill.  The air feels and smells different.  Waterton is lonely in the winter and it is fun to see people start bustling around as the park and shops prepare for its 350,000 visitors they get every year.  It's like this vintage community wakes up out of it's historical and seasonal sleep...stretches itself and puts itself on display for nature lovers from around the world for yet another season.

Welcome to Spring in Waterton.  To help with our calendar, we have a kickstarter project that is helping with this first year of costs.  Please click on this link and help.  We are getting new backers regularly which is so heartwarming to see.  We only have 17 days left to see this funded, or we will not receive the money for our project.  We are closing in on our goal.  Please share this and help if you can!