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I am at home at the Arts {Lethbridge Boudoir Photographer}
Sunday, March 18, 2012
By Jen
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I have been busy photographing boudoir sessions.  I absolutely LOVE these sessions.  I get to see a transformation in front of my eyes.  Women are so hard on themselves...always.  I don't show (to the public) most of the boudoir sessions that I do.  It is a very personal kind of session.  Some women are more private than others...I understand this.  I recently photographed a bridal boudoir session (a session with a wedding flavor in it as a gift for her groom).  I listened to so many stories of how they met, how they fell in love...and how they are, undeniably, meant to be together.  I was inspired.  I cannot WAIT to hear how her boudoir art-images are received by her lucky groom.  She spoke of how much she loved the images and how they are giving her the confidence she needs at this time.  I love her images...they have an old hollywood spice to them.  She is beautiful and the images...I wish I could show you.  But, this sessions images are for her and her groom.  Women are beautiful because they are women...nothing else is in the equation.

I was fortunate enough to photograph another boudoir session at the Hotel Arts in Calgary.  I am completely at home in the art world, and this hotel felt like home to me.  We were allowed to photograph in the common areas of the hotel as well (with my subject in a gown).  Low light photography is one of my specialties...and, since I moved to Lethbridge, I haven't been able to fully stretch my creative legs with low light.  Big cities are full of beautiful and inspiring locations for low-light artistry.  I'm just starting to work with these images, but here's a sneak peek.  That hotel had SO much to use for me!!