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Blake and Lindsay {Lethbridge Wedding Photographer}
Thursday, July 05, 2012
By Jen
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I am so excited to share Blake and Lindsay's story.  I have photographed many different cultures and religions.  I embrace every culture, religion or tradition.  They are so much a part of families and the wedding experience.  (Blake and Lindsay, from Sherwood Park, Alberta was wedding #138 for me!).

Blake and Lindsay are LDS (Mormon).  Usually, for the LDS weddings that I photograph, the wedding coverage begins as they exit the temple or the church because cameras aren't allowed in the temples, nor the chapels where they can get married.  LDS weddings are more difficult to visually tell the complete story because we usually cannot capture all the story elements photographically, and thereby a full day of photography coverage is usually not what LDS brides and grooms choose, nor the kind of wedding days that are represented on popular wedding sites and blogs that feature real weddings.  With Blake and Lindsay, I was able to photographically touch on the entire wedding-day process...Lindsay getting ready in the nurturing presence of friends and her family, capturing her mom helping her into her dress, her dad's first look at his baby girl who is getting married, Lindsay arriving at the temple with her two devoted parents who were not able to witness the sealing in the temple, the first time Blake saw lindsay that day on the temple grounds in an extremely special, tender, quiet moment that her parents were able to witness, photographing Blake and Lindsay entering the temple together, the excitement as they came out of the temple and all the well-wishers from both sides of the family.  We had a great time with the formal photos and there was a beautiful ring ceremony to complete the wedding experience for the part of the family who were not able to attend the temple ceremony.  Because of all these circumstances I am extremely excited to share some images from Blake and Lindsay's LDS wedding story that was my ultimate privilege to record for them. I'm going to have a great time designing their album and pulling all these images together in what will be a dynamic heirloom story.

I will forever remember their perfect wedding day.  They had a gorgeous vintage theme throughout their day, and their wedding decorations (seriously cute!).  The feeling of two families, of different religious backgrounds, merging brought tears to my eyes a few times that day.  The understanding, nurturing nature of both of the families to make it a wonderful wedding-day experience for all involved was heroic.  Her dad still got to walk his beautiful angel down the aisle and they were able to remain true to the tenants of their religion with the sealing ceremony.  Here are a few images from their day that I'm so proud to share.

Present in the Mail {Lethbridge Wedding Photographer}
Tuesday, March 06, 2012
By Jen
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I got home yesterday and checked the mail and it felt like Christmas to open up a nice white box that had THIS inside....

I love setting goals and reaching them.  It makes me feel alive.  I'm so excited to see what National's bring.

Traveling Home From Vegas {Lethbridge Wedding and Boudoir Photographer}
Saturday, March 03, 2012
By Jen
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Vegas was fun!  I was so glad I went.  I absolutely thrive on learning new things and since I've been nearly 9 years in this profession (and I will NEVER say I know everything) - the new things to learn don't come by so often as they did in the beginning.

Traveling home was an interesting experience.  I left on Wednesday, instead of Thursday so that I could put some "good mother" gold stars on my forehead and be home for my boys' birthday on Thursday.  WPPI scheduling always dances around my boys' birthday.  (I have two boys born on the same day...four years apart minus exactly 10 minutes).  I don't know how I did that - but February 23 is a big day in our house.  It sometimes almost seems like a second Christmas.

I left the warmth of Vegas, boarded my flight, and sat down next to two of the nicest women who were also photographers in a nearby town to where I live.  We were able to talk shop the whole way, which made it a really fun and short plane ride.  As the plane started to descend on Great Falls, Montana (where I was flying into), the captain came on the system and said that we were unable to land there due to the bad weather, so we were going to go to Bozeman.  Bozeman?!?!?  Nothing against Bozeman, but BOZEMAN?!


In the Bozeman, Montana Airport


We made it to Bozeman shortly and we all deplaned and waited for more news.  We sat and visited, and about 90 minutes later, we were allowed to reboard and we were on our way to Great Falls again.  After a bit of a choppy landing, we touched down in Great Falls, 2 hours later.  As we were deplaning there, we saw a haggard group of people who were waiting 2 hours for our plane to arrive so they could fly to Vegas.  (poor guys).

My new friends and I needed some dinner, so we met at Cafe Rio in Great Falls.  Cafe Rio is one of my FAVORITE places to eat.  The restaurant chain started in Utah and has since spread throughout the Western U.S.  I am so glad there is one a few hours away!  Mmmmmm (I was so hungry that I actually ate that WHOLE thing.  *cough, cough*)


Cafe Rio, Great Falls, Montana


The next task for me was to drive the three hours home from Great Falls to Lethbridge.   Remember the bad weather I mentioned before?  Ugh!  The roads were fairly good until Shelby, when Old Man Winter showed up angry.  White out conditions!  I could not tell where the road was.  I was looking at those posts with the reflectors on top on the side of the road like they were my lifeline.  I couldn't see where I was going and they were my only indication that I was still on some sort of road.  A few times, I followed them off exit ramps.  I'd get back on the freeway and religiously look for my lifeline again.  I was going about 40 kms per hour - so slow.  Eventually I made it home.  I was so grateful to be home.  I was ready to celebrate with my birthday boys.