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Friday, June 28, 2013
By Jen
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Yesterday was an amazing day for our family.  My oldest daughter graduated from High School.  Life moves forward!

The reason for this blog post is to celebrate another moving forward moment.  Gracie.  My daughter's graduating class raised Gracie, a chocolate lab puppy to adulthood, walking the halls together, in their school.  Gracie was one of them.  She had a group of student 'handlers' that were chosen to have a heavier responsibility for her care.  The school's constable and wellness-centre counselors also led in her care.  The goal?  After this year, she will be trained as an animal service dog now that she is used to being around a lot of people.

I was fortunate enough to have been asked to photograph Gracie at the school for Lethbridge Living Magazine at the beginning of the year.  This article explains a little more: 

Let me take you back to my daughter's convocation.  When Gracie walked into the room with the constable, there were audible "awws" in the crowd.  She was the first graduate to receive her diploma, dressed in her graduation finery.  She obediently sat for photos which was a big departure from her puppy-antics she displayed when I first photographed her.  I was so happy to be there on both girls' convocation day.  I am very proud of the school for being so forward-thinking to provide resources toward Gracie and serving the community in such a way.