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CPA! Craftsman of Photographic Arts!
Tuesday, June 11, 2013
By Jen
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I am trying to get caught up with my news, sessions and weddings I have had...

In April, I received my CPA designation (Craftsman of Photographic Arts) from the PPOC - Professional Photographers of Canada.  I earned all the required merits very quickly and I was able to receive my CPA the soonest that a person could receive it with this organization.  This was earned through image competition success, accreditations as well as serving in the organization.  It is the first time I am able to have a professional designation after my name and I am excited to have earned this!  The next step for me is to earn and receive my MPA (Master's of Photographic Arts).  I am nearly there after three years and 2 months of being in this organization.

The photo of my medallion is below (forgive the phone image).  I will have to take a proper image of my plaque and medallion.  :-)