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Wedding in Costa Rica
Wednesday, July 17, 2013
By Jen
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This gorgeous couple took me to Costa Rica for their wedding this year.  I loved working with them!  I was just combing through their wedding images to try to choose which few I am going to put on the blog...I gave up, but I don't feel defeated.  Click on this link and it will take you to my wedding video-slideshows on my website.  Click on Candice and Cal and you can enjoy their images put to music in a slideshow!.   Below are a few of their Trash the Dress session images.  :-)  They are such a beautiful couple. 

A Little Tradition
Wednesday, March 06, 2013
By Jen
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I just got back from Costa Rica where I photographed a beautiful wedding.  Getting to know the couple a little better as well as their families is always a wonderful perk for me.

One tradition I have is to get up and shoot the sunrise on one of the last days that I'm at the destination.  I love photographing the sense of place, the details, everything.  I looked up what time the sunrise occurred and was very grateful for my experience photographing landscapes because I knew that I needed to be present and accounted for well before the published sunrise time.  I dragged my behind out of bed the last morning in Costa Rica, looked for scorpions in my shoes before I put them on, grabbed my camera and headed down to the beach.  I sat in quiet solitude, if you don't count the sounds of the monkeys and birds raining down on me.

For me, sunrises and sunsets are greetings from a higher power.  I like to think of them as a little wish for a good day, or a pat on the back for doing good during the day.  God and I like to connect during these usually-tranquil times (again, if you don't count the birds and monkeys in the trees).  It is a perfect time to thank the creator for my life, my family, friends and all the richness in my life that money cannot buy.  

I saw a beautiful hue in the sky, but had the feeling to wait - more is coming.  So, I waited and meditated a little.... and more came.  I could not see these clouds until the sun got right in the position it needed to to show them to me in all their rosey splendor over the Papagayo Bay.  I snapped away for a little while.

I had a little smile when right at the published sunrise time a few groups of people with enthusiast-looking camera gear scurried onto the beach with their eyes on the sky.  By this time, the best color had faded and I thought to myself, "aww, they missed the best part of the show".

More pictures from beautiful Costa Rica will be coming.  I challenge you all to exist in the moment for just a few minutes when you witness beautiful skies.  Take a minute to thank your higher-power for the bounty in your life.  In Costa Rica they have a saying, "Pura Vida", which means "Pure Life".  Indeed it is!

More Recognition!
Thursday, February 21, 2013
By Jen
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I received some exciting news today!  I am a member of a few professional photography organizations.  One of the organizations I am a member of is the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada.  They have quarterly image contests and I was able to place within the top ten images in three categories!  

One was Bridal Portrait.  (Link here)

two was wedding group:  (link here)

and... three was bride and groom portrait:  (link here)

I love competing my imagery.  I feel it is vitally important to be connected to your industry in whatever industry you are in.  I need to know how I measure up, and above-all, I love to see the inspiration of the other images and the creativity those photographers have brought to the world.  Each photography organization I belong to focuses on different styles of photography.  Each has a qualified judging panel in their disciplines.  One embraces the classic or traditional, another leans more on storytelling and newer storytelling styles, and yet another one leans on ultimate creativity, design and technique of an image.  I feel I am a more well-rounded photographer by competing in these three arenas.  I'm excited to be represented in this quarter's image competition.  Thank you PWPC!

Thanks for letting me share!

Candice and Cal {Destination Wedding Photographer}
Monday, July 30, 2012
By Jen
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I have SO much to share from sessions I have been photographing.  I gotta start with Candice and Cal.  

I had the supreme privilege to drive to Kananaskis to meet Candice and Cal for their engagement session.  I previously arranged our use of the grounds of the hotel and we went to town.  Harley was our companion as we had fun photographing and swatting mosquitoes.

These two had a special connection which was tangible.  I will be covering their wedding in Costa Rica this winter and I can already envision the photos we will capture together.  This couple knows how to "keep it real", which is my favorite "Prop" when taking photos...the relationship.