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Teacher Gifts - It's That Time Again!! {Lethbridge Family Photographer}
Tuesday, May 22, 2012
By Jen
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It's that time of year again...the last month of school!  (at least here where I live.  Kids get out at the end of June in Canada.)

I like to give the teacher a small gift to thank them for their dedication during the year.  When you search Pinterest or other idea-laden sites or blogs, there are a lot of crafty ideas that are wonderful.  Here's my dilemma.  There's teachers, then there are the kind of teachers that make a massive difference for your child.  So much so, that I wish that the teacher would teach the next grade up so my child would have that teacher again, or it makes me wish I was a gazillionaire, so that I could hire the teacher to tutor my child until the end of time and pay that teacher what they deserve, which is...a LOT.

My son had such a teacher this year.  Mrs. Thurston in grade 3.  (3rd grade for my U.S. compadres  :-).  The difference she made for my son in one year has been a night-and-day experience compared to the year before.  My son has blossomed with confidence.  He needs teachers who truly understand him, in order to teach him.  She has done that for him this year.  No amount of crafty items, plates of cookies, or thank you notes will ever be able to fully express my gratitude for the gift she's given my son.  Everyone has a legacy in this world...that is, what they leave in the hearts of those who remain in this world after they pass on.  Mrs. Thurston will have a tremendous legacy.  I believe she has been so influential that she has affected the legacy of my son by nurturing who he is and his capabilities.

Giving the teacher the gift of a family photo session will give back to their family and their legacy.  In honour of Mrs. Thurston, and all the other wonderful teachers out there, I am going to be offering a gift of mini-sessions just for teachers.  This mini session is extremely discounted at $49.  It includes a 30 minute session in Lethbridge and 3 digital files from the session.  These sessions will need to be booked between July 1 and September 15 of this year.  These will be offered until June 20.  To purchase, click here, or click on the link for teacher sessions above.

I would love to hear inspiring stories of teachers that I can share on my blog (names aren't necessary, just how your child's teacher went above and beyond). Thank you to ALL of the incredible teachers out there!