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Candice and Cal {Destination Wedding Photographer}
Monday, July 30, 2012
By Jen
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I have SO much to share from sessions I have been photographing.  I gotta start with Candice and Cal.  

I had the supreme privilege to drive to Kananaskis to meet Candice and Cal for their engagement session.  I previously arranged our use of the grounds of the hotel and we went to town.  Harley was our companion as we had fun photographing and swatting mosquitoes.

These two had a special connection which was tangible.  I will be covering their wedding in Costa Rica this winter and I can already envision the photos we will capture together.  This couple knows how to "keep it real", which is my favorite "Prop" when taking photos...the relationship.

Lindsay and Blake {Lethbridge Wedding Photographer}
Sunday, April 15, 2012
By Jen
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I am at the tail end of writing my first-ever business plan.  What a process this has has been arduous and fabulous at the same time.  Working up balance sheets, cash flows, as well as articulating my goals for my business - invaluable.  I want to give a huge shout out to my advisory team.  I've got some very capable individuals behind me...its enough to humble a girl.

While I was writing this business plan, I had also photographed this engagement session.  Blake and Lindsay are inseparable and wonderful for each other.  I was alternating between my business plan project and their images.  At one point, I wanted to give myself an exercise to articulate what was unique about my work, to help with writing my business plan, so I decided to attach my first gut-feeling emotion or thought to each image of theirs.  As I scrolled through, I wrote them down.  This is what I felt from their images:

The little moments, laughing, many expressions of adoration, her loving expression when she looks into his eyes, giggling, snickering, fun, friendship, goofy, silly, energy, camaraderie, the body language of a heart swelling, catching the little moments, tender, that kiss when no one is watching, subtle caress, the dream of the future, the quiet things that connect their journey as a couple, he gently pulls her in, when she thinks her heart will burst, when he stops breathing, the moment her heart starts to dance, when he knows his child will have her eyes, the quiet feeling of when their hearts are inexplicably knit to each other, the language of never wanting to let go, because they know that in a few months they will be more connected with their heart's best friend forever
In hindsight, I would love to have had images showing me what I felt on my wedding day, or from my engagement session, not just what I looked like.  This drives me to continue to create beautiful and emotional art for people's milestones!