So I have the digital what?

Although I retain the copyright to the images, you have full permission to make unlimited prints and/or copies of these images for personal use and distribution.

Please make at least one copy of the image collection right away and store it in a safe and secure location for archival purposes.  It is recommended to save a copy at a location other than your home.  It is also a good idea to make additional copies of your digital files onto new media every few years as technology evolves.

Your files have been saved with the sRGB color profile in Adobe Photoshop in the .jpeg format.  This is the color profile and format most photo labs use.  Please choose your lab with care because all photofinishers don't yield the same results.  In Canada, I recommend  My system is calibrated so the color and density is the same as a professional color lab.  I cannot be responsible for the outcomes from a non-professional lab.  In that vein, it is advised to not alter the images from the original I provide that was worked on my calibrated monitor.

It is also good to understand that different print sizes have different cropping ratios.  A 4x6", 8x12", 16x24" print uses the entire image.  An 8x10 print, for instance, will crop some of the sides, or the top/bottom by virtue of the shape.

I hope you enjoy your images for years into the future and they become part of your family legacy.